WeLab’s Bank Saqu Onboards 300K Users in Indonesia Within 2 Months of Launch

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Bank Saqu, a newly launched Indonesian integer bank, has raked up 300,000 users wrong nan first 2 months of its operation.

The integer bank, a associated task betwixt Hong Kong’s WeLab and Astra Financial, was introduced successful Indonesia arsenic portion of WeLab’s description successful integer banking crossed Asia.


Simon Loong

The improvement was shared by WeLab’s Founder and Group CEO Simon Loong who said that “it took 40% little clip to scope from 200k to 300k caller customers compared to nan past 100k to 200k customers”.

Targeting young entrepreneurs, mini business owners, and freelancers, Bank Saqu offers a scope of features designed to meet nan financial needs and challenges of its customers.

One of its features is nan ‘Saku’ aliases Pocket, allowing users to create up to 20 customised sections wrong nan app for various financial guidance purposes.

Bank Saqu besides introduced ‘Busposito,’ a unsocial societal savings merchandise that encourages organization engagement to perchance summation savings liking rates. This characteristic allows liking rates to emergence arsenic precocious arsenic 7% per annum arsenic much users participate.

Another notable characteristic is ‘Tabungmatic,’ a round-up saver usability that assists customers successful redeeming by rounding up purchases and depositing nan other magnitude into a Saku Booster. This booster tin output liking rates up to 10% per annum.

Bank Saqu’s app is disposable for download via nan Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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