Elon Musk blasts judge that voided his $56 billion pay deal for being an activist and politician—'She has done more to damage Delaware than any judge in modern history'

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Financial news - Elon Musk smeared Delaware judge Kathaleen McCormick who struck down his record-breaking $56 cardinal salary package arsenic a threat to America’s free marketplace capitalism.

Delaware, a firm haven, is nan go-to spot for U.S. companies incorporating themselves. The Chancery Court, presided complete by McCormick, prides itself arsenic a ineligible guardian safeguarding nan state’s pro-business image.

But aft McCormick refused to fto Tesla salary Musk $56 million successful agreed compensation, nan tech mogul has taken purpose against her connected his societal web level X.

“She has done much to harm Delaware than immoderate judge successful modern history,” he wrote without immoderate evident trace of hyperbole, branding her an “activist and politician, first and foremost”.

It’s not Musk’s first run-in with McCormick, who prevented him successful October 2022 from stepping retired connected his contractually agreed connection pinch Twitter to bargain nan institution for $44 billion.

Musk now plans to activity shareholder support to move Tesla’s incorporation to Texas, wherever it is headquartered.

She has done much to harm Delaware than immoderate judge successful modern history

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) February 2, 2024

Musk has agelong flaunted his unfastened disdain for immoderate institutions that person dared erect boundaries to his ambitions.

His hostility towards nan Securities and Exchange Commission is well documented, calling them “shameless puppets of Wall Street short seller sharks”.

Last period his lawyers sued nan National Labor Relations Board, contesting its very legitimacy. 

And it’s not just federal agencies Musk holds successful contempt.

Last period he joked connected the fourth-quarter investor call that he gave Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS)—which recommended Tesla investors ballot against his “staggering” $56 cardinal compensation package—the flattering nickname “ISIS”.

Musk portrays ruling arsenic politically motivated

His cognition towards McCormick is not each that astonishing fixed he is allowed to run wrong his companies.

In his tribunal testimony, Musk admitted his salary woody astatine Tesla progressive “me negotiating against myself”.

But now nan industrialist is engaging successful nan economical balanced of Donald Trump’s Stop nan Steal, encouraging his fans and supporters to judge McCormick has disenfranchised them, negating their ballot for his compensation. 

Interesting https://t.co/NXeIQXa45c

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) February 1, 2024

He has endorsed posts from influential members of nan Tesla organization that reframe nan rumor arsenic an onslaught connected their shareholder rights or declare nan tribunal itself is rigged, alternatively than prosecute connected nan constituent aliases merit of McCormick’s sentiment which focused connected nan “deeply flawed” governance process. 

Musk has besides promoted those falsely belittling her arsenic an creation postgraduate from Harvard, a assemblage whose estimation is now successful mobility complete its alleged diversity bias (in truth nan judge studied philosophy, a reasonably communal awesome among lawyers).

With 171 cardinal followers, immoderate station he engages pinch automatically is boosted by nan algorithm, giving Musk a powerful megaphone to style opinions.

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