Webull Singapore’s Investors Now Have Access to SGX-Listed Products

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Webull Securities (Singapore) Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of nan US-based Webull Financial LLC, has announced its caller offering of SGX-listed products and securities to unit investors. Webull Singapore officially launched successful May 2022, pushing its world app downloads to 40 cardinal globally.

This allows customers of Webull Singapore to put successful a wide array of finance options including stocks, REITs, DLCs, and ETFs listed connected nan Singapore Exchange (SGX).

The summation of these SGX-listed products intends that Webull’s level now provides entree to complete 700 SGX-listed entities, alongside its existing scope of complete 15,000 US stocks and options, and much than 3,000 securities from Hong Kong, Mainland China A-shares.

The level besides offers a action of up to 400 communal costs from various money houses, and wealthiness guidance devices for illustration Moneybull and Regular Savings Plan to assistance investors successful managing and increasing their assets.

This description into SGX-listed securities is aimed astatine enabling investors to diversify their portfolios and negociate risks according to their finance preferences. It offers nan opportunity for stable, semipermanent investments successful dividend stocks, blue-chip companies, REITs, and ETFs listed connected nan SGX.

Webull added that it will proceed to research and present further features and products for investors.

Bernard Teo

Bernard Teo

Bernard Teo, Head of Asia-Pacific, Webull Corporation and CEO of Webull Singapore said,

“By providing entree to cardinal financial markets successful Mainland China, Hong Kong, nan US, and Singapore, we dream to connection our clients successful Singapore enhanced elasticity crossed their finance portfolios, yet empowering investors to build a globally divers portfolio.”

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