Trust Bank Unveils New Premium Service Tier ‘Trust+’

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Singapore’s integer slope Trust has introduced Trust+, a premium work tier offering further privileges to its users. These benefits encompass an enhanced liking complaint connected deposit balances, exclusive rewards, a chopped app interface, and privilege entree to in-app customer support.

Trust+ automatically elevates customers who support an mean regular equilibrium of S$100,000 for nan period to this caller level of service. The mean regular equilibrium is wished by dividing nan sum of nan regular balances by nan number of days successful nan month.

The automatic elevation to Trust+ will hap connected nan first time of nan pursuing period for qualified customers, streamlining nan process and eliminating nan request for applications aliases eligibility inquiries.

Eligible customers tin besides person up to 3% per annum connected deposits up to S$500,000 pinch nary hidden fees aliases charges for its products.

This premium tier builds upon nan Balance Bonus Rate introduced successful December 2023, which provided an opportunity for customers to summation an further 0.5% liking annually connected their deposits by maintaining nan required mean regular balance.

In summation to financial benefits, Trust+ members are offered exclusive entree to deals and memberships from a prime group of entertainment, lifestyle, and eating partners successful summation to nan existing coupons and stamp cards.

The Trust+ app acquisition is customised pinch a achromatic and golden taxable and provides members pinch 24/7 privilege entree to customer work specialists.

Looking forward, Trust+ members will person entree to an array of further rewards, benefits, and experiences, including a specially designed metallic slope card.

Michal Bialer

Michal Bialer

Michal Bialer, Chief Product Officer astatine Trust said,

“Trust+ is Singapore’s first afloat integer elevated banking experience. Levelling up to Trust+ is easy, transparent and rewarding. Building astir customer feedback, we’ve created a unsocial programme and are assured that customers will bask nan wide scope of benefits it offers.”

Dwaipayan Sadhu

Dwaipayan Sadhu, Chief Executive Officer astatine Trust said,

“We are excited to present different innovative market-first successful Singapore pinch Trust+. Alongside this, we now connection a wide scope of products and services including savings, in installments cards, supplementary cards, loans, security and of people an extended benefits ecosystem. What brings each of this together is simply a delightful and innovative customer acquisition that is easy, transparent and rewarding.”

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