Marketnode Raises Series A Funding from HSBC and Temasek

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Marketnode, a Singapore-based integer marketplace infrastructure operator, has announced nan first adjacent of its Series A finance round, led by HSBC pinch further support from existing shareholder Temasek. The finance sum was not disclosed.

The backing intends to standard Marketnode’s platforms and create a multi-asset ecosystem successful nan Asia-Pacific region.

Since 2020, HSBC and Marketnode person collaborated connected processing integer marketplace infrastructure crossed credit, funds, and system products.

Their associated efforts see information successful nan Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) Project Guardian, nan Fundnode colony infrastructure, and various integer enslaved initiatives.

The caller finance will thief Marketnode grow its infrastructure crossed cardinal plus classes, specified arsenic integer fixed income and system products. It will besides support nan motorboat of Fundnode and different tokenised plus offerings.

John O’Neill, Global Head of Digital Asset Strategy astatine HSBC, will subordinate Marketnode’s Board of Directors arsenic portion of HSBC’s investment.

Marketnode is simply a integer plus associated task founded by nan Singapore Exchange (SGX) and Temasek.

Ian Glasner

Ian Glasner

Ian Glasner, Group Head of Innovation, Ventures, and Digital Partnerships astatine HSBC, said,

“Our finance successful Marketnode showcases our associated committedness to building a robust multi-asset integer infrastructure crossed our markets, helping our customers participate nan world of integer assets safely and securely.

We are excited to embark connected nan adjacent section of our collaboration to thrust invention successful nan industry.”

Rehan Ahmed

Rehan Ahmed

Rehan Ahmed, President, Marketnode said,

“Marketnode is proud to person HSBC arsenic nan lead strategical investor successful our Series A round. HSBC’s support represents nan earthy hold of our collaboration crossed aggregate plus classes since Marketnode’s inception.

The matrimony of Marketnode’s FMI operational expertise and HSBC’s marketplace starring world level represents a unsocial opportunity to style nan adjacent procreation of trusted and neutral marketplace infrastructure. We proceed to invited different manufacture partners to subordinate america successful rethinking financial markets retired of Asia-Pacific.”

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