JULO’s Smartphone Insurance Powered by Qoala Hits 200K Mark in 3 Months

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Indonesian fintech institution JULO has announced that it has provided security sum to complete 200,000 customers successful conscionable 3 months pinch its JULO Protect Plus product. It is simply a caller characteristic embedded successful nan company’s virtual in installments paper solution.

JULO collaborated pinch Qoala, an Indonesian insurtech company, and Sompo Insurance, a world wide insurer pinch 48 years of acquisition successful Indonesia, to create this security cover.

Launched nether nan JULO Cares platform, JULO Protect Plus offers gadget protection for customers’ smartphones.

JULO Protect Plus offers easy argumentation activation and protects smartphones against various forms of damage, including accidental drops and theft. The full process tin beryllium managed done nan JULO app.

JULO, which has been successful nan fintech manufacture for 7 years, intends to beforehand financial inclusion successful Indonesia done its virtual in installments card.

This merchandise provides a in installments limit for some rate and non-cash transactions, specified arsenic e-wallet top-ups, e-commerce payments, and inferior measure payments.

In nan past year, JULO besides launched JULO Education, a financing work for acquisition institutions, and JULO Health, which offers healthcare financing.

Nimish Dwivedi

Nimish Dwivedi

Nimish Dwivedi, Chief Business Officer of JULO Group, said,

“Along pinch our strategical partners, we launched JULO Protect Plus to guarantee that our weighted customers ne'er suffer entree to their JULO app.

It is gratifying to spot truthful galore customers already benefiting from this unsocial cover.”

Manoj Awasthi

Manoj Awasthi

Manoj Awasthi, Chief Technology Officer of JULO, added,

“For rolling retired JULO Protect Plus, our engineering squad worked pinch a fintech positive insurtech position on pinch Qoala and Sompo to create a soft and hassle free in-app argumentation issuance and a convenient declare process.”

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