How a Master of IT in Business Can Enhance Your Career

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COVID-19 has upended businesses and accepted scopes of activity crossed nan world. On nan flip side, nan pandemic has besides created caller occupation prospects and lucrative opportunities successful nan look of integer change.

With nan emergence successful technological advancements further triggered by nan pandemic, manufacture leaders are now seeking updated accusation exertion competencies to substance improvement and raise productivity.


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The Singapore Management University‘s (SMU) Master of IT successful Business (MITB) programme opens up divers opportunities for students looking to make an effect successful a post-COVID economy.

With 4 specialisation tracks namely Financial Technology & Analytics, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation, nan program is designed to equip graduates pinch nan applicable know-how and vulnerability to different disciplines to broaden profession prospects and guidelines retired successful an progressively competitory occupation market.

In an era of disruption wherever exertion has levelled nan playing section successful immoderate areas and created unfair advantages successful others, location is unit connected businesses to capitalise connected caller opportunities while mitigating emerging threats.

Launched successful 2007, nan postgraduate master grade programme was introduced by SMU to cater to nan increasing request for professionals equipped pinch nan domain knowledge to steer their organisations towards occurrence successful this recently transformed landscape.

It was nan first-of-its-kind then, and it continues to innovate to guidelines retired complete nan years, pinch nan program updated connected a regular ground to enactment aligned pinch what nan manufacture needs.

The elasticity to self-select courses from different tracks depending connected their business domains, profession goals and interests is what sets this programme apart.

This postgraduate grade entails intensive schoolroom school done a collaborative and project-based attack that involves students from different world and master backgrounds coming together to activity connected real-life business problems.

It besides features workshops led by manufacture practitioners and information successful simulations to broaden strategical perspectives crossed sectors. This allows students to summation insights into champion practices of integer transformation, and beryllium immersed successful nan increasing sphere of information subject and exertion for business growth.

Elevating prospects for nan agelong term

While location are galore short courses that supply a cursory overview of nan latest advancements successful technology, specified short courses deficiency nan holistic building and credentials that a general postgraduate programme would provide.

To beryllium genuinely immersed into learning and summation hands-on acquisition by moving connected real-life problems, 1 needs to perpetrate nan clip and effort to an IT postgraduate degree, which commands a well-structured program delivered by knowledgeable professors, complete a important period.

The SMU MITB programme is move and continually updated successful consequence to caller technologies and marketplace demands, to stay highly applicable to nan industry.

It intends to impart nan astir applicable foundational and precocious knowledge to students and nan “learn-to-learn” mindset, wherever students are required to beryllium agile successful picking up caller technologies, to observe problems and inquire nan correct questions.

These are important, timeless competencies that empower graduates to navigate and tackle problems successful an ever-changing business landscape.

One charismatic constituent of nan SMU MITB programme is an optional internship opportunity unfastened to full-time students.

Thanks to nan efforts of nan programme’s 4 Practicum Managers, who are each dedicated to a specialisation way to oversee students’ internships and capstone projects, nan students are good served by nan precocious measurement of MITB internship opportunities.

This increases nan probability of students securing internships of their choice, pinch galore of whom parlaying nan internship placements into full-time occupation positions.

This is an finance connected nan portion of nan programme successful summation to nan University’s Postgraduate Career Services Office (PGCS) which besides serves SMU MITB students successful internships and employment.

In nan QS Masters successful Business Analytics Rankings 2022, SMU MITB was classed 12th worldwide for employability, and 26th worldwide for alumni outcomes.

Its scores (out of 100) were supra nan world mean for employability 75.9 (global mean 46.7) and alumni outcomes 73.5 (global mean 54.2).

As a result, SMU MITB features precocious postgraduate employability — 90 percent of students are hired wrong six months of graduation.

Hands-on task for real-world experience

Often conducted successful collaboration pinch multinational companies, nan SMU MITB capstone task is disposable connected a competitory ground and has go an integral portion of nan curriculum.

The task tin return galore forms, but its intent remains constant: students are fixed a unsocial opportunity to create innovative solutions for real-world problems.

Students usually activity individually to use what they person learned successful class, and get hands-on acquisition successful knowing nan business domain, problem meaning and moreover successful gaining entree to accusation systems, documents and resources disposable wrong nan company.

For part-time students, nan projects tin beryllium projected by their ain companies, while for full-time students, nan projects tin beryllium either projected by nan SCIS module members aliases sponsored by an outer company.

Such projects will entail complex, real-life problems that require nan postulation of information and requirements, analysis, building prototype systems to get intended outcomes aliases a believe investigation output.

Often, nan tangible outputs tin beryllium a moving prototype strategy aliases an important portion of analysis, and specified results tin sometimes service arsenic manufacture breakthroughs, and hole SMU MITB graduates for nan existent world.

Primed for revolutionary alteration astatine each stage

The SMU MITB programme has 4 specialisation tracks successful Financial Technology & Analytics, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Transformation.

Depending connected master interests and profession goals, students whitethorn take nan way that champion suits their objectives.

Candidates successful nan programme scope from caller Bachelor grade graduates who thin to gravitate towards Financial Technology & Analytics, Analytics aliases Artificial Intelligence tracks, to much knowledgeable professionals who thin to enrol successful nan Digital Transformation track.

Overall, nan programme sees a bully operation of students from different property groups, industries and acquisition backgrounds distributed complete nan 4 tracks.

Best of all, prospective students request not person immense acquisition successful business aliases IT sectors, but are required to person a beardown instauration successful mathematics, an aptitude successful IT and a affirmative learning attitude.

However, for those willing successful nan Digital Transformation track, a minimum of 3 years of activity acquisition successful either business aliases IT is preferred.

These applicants should person nan applicable inheritance to amended admit business problems, inquire nan correct questions, and place ways successful which IT tin beryllium utilized to toggle shape nan organisation. For those willing successful nan Artificial Intelligence track, bully programming accomplishment is simply a prerequisite.

Consistently classed arsenic 1 of nan champion Analytics Masters programmes successful Asia successful nan QS Masters successful Business Analytics Rankings, nan SMU MITB equips a caller procreation of leaders successful careers that span exertion and business.

This is nan programme to embark upon to go future-ready for one’s profession successful a integer economy, by gaining an unparalleled separator successful Financial Technology, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence aliases Digital Transformation readying and strategy to reside awesome challenges affecting nine and industry.

More accusation connected nan SMU MITB programme tin beryllium recovered here.

SMU MITB programme

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