GXS Bank Taps FICO to Disburse Most of its Loans in Under 3 Minutes

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GXS Bank, a integer slope successful Singapore, has enhanced its customer onboarding process utilizing world analytics package FICO’s platform.

The slope now reportedly onboards nan mostly of its customers successful nether 3 minutes. This earned it nan 2024 FICO Decisions Award for Customer Onboarding & Management.

GXS Bank uses nan FICO Platform to make speedy in installments decisions, often wrong milliseconds, allowing it to rumor loans successful nether 3 minutes.

By utilising accepted and replacement data, nan slope tin widen in installments to individuals pinch constricted aliases nary in installments history.

GXS leverages user-permission information from its ecosystem partners, superapp Grab and awesome location telco Singtel, to grow in installments entree to underserved users.

This ecosystem information is past layered onto accusation from accepted sources for illustration in installments bureau scores.

Integrating these datasets has allowed GXS Bank to measure applicants much accurately and connection personalised liking rates, providing loans to a wider scope of consumers, including those typically overlooked by accepted banks.

The implementation of nan FICO Platform was said to person been completed successful conscionable 3 months.

This deployment sets nan shape for further invention and growth, pinch plans to widen nan platform’s capabilities to upcoming in installments products successful Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

“FICO Platform enables america to leverage replacement information and grow our offerings. Its agile infrastructure enables america to iterate quickly while ensuring robust consequence controls are successful place. Introducing GXS FlexiLoan exemplifies our committedness to pioneering customer-centric solutions successful nan integer banking realm.

The implementation of FICO Platform successful conscionable 3 months was thing short of remarkable, particularly erstwhile considering nan accepted timelines of up to a twelvemonth for different providers’ on-premises solutions.”

said Vaman Sriraman, Group Chief Risk Officer astatine GXS Bank.

Nikhil Behl

Nikhil Behl

“FICO Platform plays a pivotal domiciled successful advancing financial inclusion by enabling banks for illustration GXS to leverage replacement information sources and streamline in installments decisioning processes.

Moreover, nan implementation of nan FICO Platform successful conscionable 3 months is simply a testament to our dedication to delivering tangible, accelerated worth to our clients.”

said Nikhil Behl, EVP of Sales and Chief Marketing Officer astatine FICO.

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