Etiqa Rolls Out Pet Insurance Policy Amid Rising Vet Costs in Singapore

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Etiqa Insurance Singapore has unveiled a caller pet security argumentation successful consequence to nan increasing number of pets and nan corresponding emergence successful veterinary costs successful nan island-state.

The caller argumentation “Tiq Pet Insurance” covers a scope of aesculapian expenses owed to accidents, illnesses, congenital, and hereditary conditions. Additionally, nan argumentation besides offers no-claim discounts and is tailored to meet nan unsocial needs of different pets.

The Pawfect Plan, a portion of Etiqa’s pet security offerings, provides sum up to S$15,000 for surgical illnesses and S$3,500 for non-surgical treatments. This scheme besides covers congenital and hereditary diseases, taxable to nan proviso of aesculapian documents.

Other highlights of nan Tiq Pet Insurance see nan highest surgical sum insured successful nan marketplace for illness-related treatments, complimentary sum for circumstantial diseases, and discounts for aggregate pets and no-claim situations. The scheme besides offers an further S$500 sum for last expenses connected its highest tier.

Etiqa’s pet security tin beryllium accessed via Tiq by Etiqa, their integer security channel.

Raymond Ong

Raymond Ong

“Pets are esteemed members of our families. The evolving position towards pets successful Singapore, coupled pinch escalating pet attraction costs, necessitates capable sum to guarantee financial stableness and bid of mind during challenging times.

Etiqa Insurance Singapore bridges this spread by offering accessible sum astatine an affordable value point, enabling Singaporeans to cherish longer, healthier lives pinch their beloved pets,”

said Raymond Ong, CEO of Etiqa Insurance Singapore.

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