DigiFT, Onfet, and Tranchess Drive Launch of the Digital Assets Association

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Today marks nan charismatic motorboat of nan Singapore-based Digital Assets Association (DAA), a caller world organisation aimed astatine promoting nan responsible improvement and integration of organization integer assets.

The DAA seeks to merge various sectors, including financial institutions, fintech companies, exertion providers, and ineligible and regulatory experts, to reside nan evolving scenery of tokenised real-world assets.

The committee of nan DAA comprises Henry Zhang, CEO of DigiFT; Chia Hock Lai, CEO of Onfet; Danny Chong, CEO of Tranchess; Daniel Lee from Banking Circle; Dr. Steven Hu from Standard Chartered; and Chang Tze Ching, CEO of Bright Point International Digital Assets.

The statement of nan DAA was principally driven by DigiFT, Onfet, and Tranchess. DigiFT is simply a regulated on-chain speech for real-world assets, Onfet focuses connected blockchain-based operational enhancements, and Tranchess is known for its tokenised plus guidance and derivatives tracking.

Key initiatives of nan DAA see sharing knowledge and champion practices done moving groups, conferences, and online resources, focusing connected topics for illustration regulatory frameworks and marketplace insights.

The relation besides plans to create manufacture standards connected issues for illustration tokenization protocols and consequence management, advocator for responsible take of integer assets by engaging pinch policymakers, and empower nan adjacent procreation of leaders done its Talent Development Initiative.

A caller Citi study suggests that nan tokenisation of assets could grow importantly by 2030, perchance revolutionizing nan blockchain sector. In ray of this, nan DAA intends to supply a collaborative level to stock knowledge, create manufacture standards, advocator for responsible adoption, and empower early talent successful nan field.

Membership successful nan DAA is open to financial institutions, fintechs, exertion providers, and ineligible and regulatory experts willing successful shaping nan early of integer assets.

Featured image: Digital Assets Association Exco. (From near to right) Chia Hock Lai, CEO, Onfet; Danny Chong, CEO, Tranchess; Daniel Lee, Head of Web3, Banking Circle; Tze Ching Chang, CEO, Bright Point International Digital Assets; Henry Zhang, Founder & CEO, DigiFT; and Dr Steven Hu, Head of Digital Assets, Trade & Working Capital, Standard Chartered

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