Aspire Offers Access to Google Workspace Tools for Singapore and Indonesia SMEs

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Singapore-based B2B fintech patient Aspire has announced a collaboration pinch Google Cloud aimed astatine supporting startups and mini and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) successful their maturation efforts.

This business will assistance these businesses entree to Google Workspace tools, known for their capacity to streamline operations and boost productivity.

Through this initiative, businesses will beryllium capable to utilise precocious AI features wrong Google Workspace, including AI-generated archive summaries, chat functionalities, and look suggestions successful spreadsheets.

To further support caller customers successful Singapore and Indonesia, Aspire is introducing a Business Starter offer, providing a important opportunity for these entities to leverage Google Workspace’s extended capabilities.

This confederation pinch Google Cloud enables Aspire to connection its customers privileged entree to nan productivity platform.

Specifically, SMEs and startups successful Singapore and Indonesia signing up for Google Workspace done Aspire will use from a 50% discount for nan first six months.

After this promotional period, Singaporean clients will proceed to get a 15% discount, while Indonesian clients will person a 20% discount connected their subscription renewals.

The collaboration is designed to heighten business connectivity and collaboration opportunities, sloppy of geographical location.

Asad Kalimi

Asad Kalimi

“We’re thrilled to partner pinch Google Cloud to coming this connection to our customers. In nan existent macroeconomic climate, it’s imperative for businesses to prioritize digitization to stay competitive.

Integrating Google Workspace into our suite of services will fortify our committedness to helping SMEs and startups crossed Asia digitise and standard for success.”

said Asad Kalimi, Head of Partnerships astatine Aspire.

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