When Social Security Recipients Will Get Their Checks in February

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Social Security payments for February are heading to immoderate beneficiaries soon.

The costs schedule is simply a small different than accustomed this month: Beneficiaries who person some Social Security status benefits and Supplemental Security Income, arsenic good arsenic those who claimed Social Security anterior to May 1997, received their Social Security payments connected Feb. 2.

Social Security checks should bespeak nan caller 3.2% cost-of-living adjustment (abbreviated COLA) for 2024. That’s little than past year’s historical 8.7% increase, but still supra mean owed to lingering inflation.

The mean monthly costs for each beneficiaries was astir $1,767 arsenic of December 2023, according to nan Social Security Administration. The agency expects that nan mean Social Security status use will summation by $50 a period successful 2024 acknowledgment to nan COLA.

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When will I get my February Social Security payment?

The SSA distributed Supplemental Security Income payments connected nan first of nan month. Social Security payments for recipients who started claiming benefits earlier May 1997 — and those who person some SSI and Social Security benefits — went retired past Friday.

If you only person Social Security benefits and did not declare earlier May 1997, your costs day is wished by your birthday.

Payments for beneficiaries who person a day that falls betwixt nan first and 10th of immoderate fixed period will person their checks connected Feb. 14. Beneficiaries who person a day betwixt nan 11th and 20th of nan period will get paid connected Feb. 21.

The SSA will nonstop retired payments for beneficiaries pinch birthdays betwixt nan 21st and 31st nan period connected Feb. 28.

Where is my Social Security cheque for this month?

If you deliberation your Social Security cheque didn't get connected time, you tin scope retired to nan SSA. But you're encouraged to hold 3 business days earlier ringing up nan agency to inquire astir your payment. You tin telephone immoderate weekday betwixt 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. astatine 1-800-772-1213.

You tin besides position your costs position by creating aliases logging into your Social Security online account nether “Benefits & Payments.”

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What is nan SSA's 2024 costs schedule?

Payments for beneficiaries who person only Social Security typically get distributed connected nan second, 3rd and 4th Wednesday of a fixed month, depending connected commencement date. Recipients of only SSI usually get their payments connected nan first, unless it falls connected a play aliases national holiday.

In this case, payments for SSI beneficiaries are moved to nan erstwhile business day, which intends sometimes they will person 2 payments 1 period and nary nan next. Beneficiaries of some SSI and Social Security (and those who claimed earlier May 1997) usually person SSI connected nan first of nan period and Social Security connected nan 3rd — unless it falls connected a vacation aliases a weekend, successful which lawsuit these payments are also moved to nan erstwhile business day. That's what's happening successful February.

How do I cipher my Social Security payment?

Your Social Security use is based connected your mean indexed monthly net during nan 35 years you earned nan astir income. The SSA past applies a look to fig retired your superior security magnitude (called your PIA).

You tin spot your net history and cipher your use by creating aliases logging into your online relationship connected nan SSA’s website. The SSA offers a integer benefits calculator and different online devices to thief you navigate your benefits.


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