What Is a Car Warranty?

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Extended car warranties are morganatic products that could screen your conveyance for definite instrumentality breakdowns and mechanical failures. This optional sum that goes beyond nan modular mill warranty could salary some, aliases moreover all, of nan costs associated pinch costly car repairs.

There are different types of car warranties and ineligible provisions that specify your authorities and warranty providers’ responsibilities erstwhile your car is nether warranty. To study much astir your options for extended car warranties, and if these could beryllium a measurement to protect your finance (and your wallet), support reading.

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What is simply a car warranty and really does it work?

Merriam-Webster defines a warranty arsenic “a written guarantee of nan integrity of a merchandise and of nan maker's work for nan repair aliases replacement of defective parts.” As applied to cars, nan shaper whitethorn connection a type of warranty upon nan waste of nan car for a circumstantial play of time. Not each warranties are written, however. Some are implied based connected nan circumstances successful which you acquisition nan conveyance i.e., nan authorities wherever it’s purchased, utilized vs. new, etc.

For instance, erstwhile you get a caller car from nan dealer, nan manufacture modular for broad bumper-to-bumper sum is for 3 years aliases 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. This intends that if thing breaks down successful nan car, past immoderate repairs aliases replacements are covered by nan manufacturer. There are different warranties besides built into nan value of your caller car (covered below), but this is nan astir communal modular offering for this type of purchase.

Beyond nan mill warranty, conveyance owners person nan action to acquisition an extended car warranty — alternately known arsenic an car protection scheme aliases conveyance work statement (VSC) — that will screen definite repairs. An extended car warranty is not really a warranty according to national law. Instead, nan products commonly referred to arsenic extended car warranties are really “optional contracts sold by conveyance manufacturers, dealers, aliases independent companies,” nan FTC explains. “The statement seller agrees to execute (or salary for) definite repairs aliases services outlined successful nan contract.”

Types of car warranties

Just for illustration you would hunt for security quotes aliases usage a car security comparison tool successful your quest for bully car security coverage, you’ll want to do a diligent hunt for your car warranty options, too. The first measurement is knowing nan car warranty sum you whitethorn already person and past nan options to heighten it.

Here’s a speedy guideline connected nan types of car warranties and what they cover.

Powertrain warranty

Most caller cars travel pinch a powertrain warranty. Powertrain warranties screen nan awesome components of nan powertrain — basically, nan parts that powerfulness nan vehicle. This includes nan engine, transmission, driveshafts, differentials and wide soul workings of nan engine. There are immoderate powertrain warranties that whitethorn screen further parts for illustration nan instrumentality bearings and hubs, axle shafts, exhaust intake and manifolds aliases different related parts.

Typical limits for powertrain warranties are for 5 years aliases 60,000 miles (5 years/60,000 miles), whichever comes first. Some manufacturers whitethorn connection these warranties for up to 10 years aliases 100,000 miles. When choosing a caller car, nan magnitude of nan powertrain warranty should beryllium a consideration, because it tin prevention you money should thing spell wrong.

Finally, you should cognize that your powertrain warranty whitethorn not screen everything nether nan hood. Your conveyance manufacturers whitethorn see immoderate parts taxable to normal deterioration and tear, truthful they don’t screen them. Parts for illustration nan battery, clutch and definite thrust belts are typically excluded from warranty claims. Make judge you understand each of nan exclusions to this type of warranty earlier buying truthful you cognize what’s covered and what’s not.

Bumper-to-bumper warranty

A bumper-to-bumper warranty is besides known arsenic a broad warranty. This benignant of warranty, from nan original manufacturer, is modular pinch astir caller car purchases.

The thought is that it covers everything that could spell incorrect pinch your car, from bumper to bumper. However, location are immoderate exclusions, for illustration items that will neglect pinch normal deterioration and tear, including, but not constricted to: windshield wipers, tires, brake pads, brake rotors, ray bulbs and model glass.

No matter if it's a shaper warranty aliases extended car warranty, location are ever things that not covered — and therefore, location is nary existent bumper-to-bumper coverage. As always, it's captious to publication nan good people of contracts to genuinely understand what is (and isn't) covered.

Rust and corrosion warranty

Most caller vehicles travel pinch a rust and corrosion warranty. This covers assemblage expanse metallic panels aliases aluminum assemblage panels that go rusted aliases corroded. This corrosion mostly can’t travel arsenic a consequence of occurrences for illustration an accident, customer actions aliases utmost biology conditions. This extended sum tin commencement astatine 5 years and whitethorn spell up to 12 years, depending connected nan origin of nan corrosion. This warranty whitethorn moreover enactment successful effect pinch a alteration successful conveyance ownership.

Federal emanation warranty

Not galore group are alert that their caller car acquisition besides comes pinch a national emissions warranty arsenic well. Suppose your conveyance fails an emissions trial during nan vehicle's first 2 years/24,000 miles (8 years/80,000 miles for specified awesome components). In that case, nan shaper must make repairs aliases modifications truthful that your conveyance will walk nan test. In California, your car could beryllium eligible for up to 7 years/70,000 miles of coverage.

Accessories Warranty

Accessory warranties supply sum for further conveyance systems and compartment components. They tin boost sum connected compartment information systems, specified arsenic airbags, spot loop restraints and exterior interaction discovery sensors. More broad accessory warranties whitethorn see sum for sound and video equipment, compartment fabrics, and interior paneling.

Note that erstwhile you bargain definite parts for your car, they besides travel pinch their ain warranty. Most parts are warrantied against shaper defects for 90 days from nan day of purchase. To make a claim, you request to first return nan portion to nan manufacturer, which must past o.k. your claim, earlier issuing a refund aliases replacement.

Extended Car Warranty

An extended car warranty tin heighten nan original manufacturer's warranty connected a caller car acquisition aliases adhd much work protection to a utilized car.

If you’re getting a warranty for a utilized car, it will much than apt beryllium considered a conveyance work statement (VSC) since national rule is very circumstantial astir nan usage of nan word “warranty.” These work contracts tin beryllium adjuvant erstwhile it comes to covering unexpected repairs and breakdowns, but reference nan good people is key.

In immoderate cases, you whitethorn person to salary a deductible and perchance beryllium required to show that you person been decently maintaining nan conveyance according to automaker guidelines, successful bid for repairs to beryllium covered. The contracts tin beryllium complicated, and immoderate customers are unpleasantly amazed erstwhile they find retired that their problem is not covered, aliases that their preferred mechanic won't activity pinch nan extended car warranty provider.

For each of these reasons, if you scheme to acquisition an extended car warranty, make judge you investigation providers and their reviews thoroughly. If you cognize how to bargain car insurance, this conception won’t beryllium overseas to you.

Once you settee connected a company, get utmost clarity connected what their extended warranty covers and excludes. This will thief you take nan best extended car warranty product and debar surprises if your claims are not approved.

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What does a car warranty cover?

This will dangle connected nan benignant of warranty you have. Each warranty has precise connection regarding what it will screen and what it won’t. When you person nan archiving accompanying your warranty, make typical efforts to understand each nan position and conditions.

Pay typical attraction to parts, clip periods, mileage and different position that use to nan sum successful your warranty. Whenever you require attraction aliases repairs, make it a wont to mention to your car warranty archiving aliases manufacturer recalls for issues that mightiness already beryllium covered.

What doesn’t a car warranty cover?

There are immoderate car parts and incidents that whitethorn not beryllium covered, specified arsenic normal deterioration and tear aliases reckless use. Routine attraction specified arsenic lipid changes and select changes are mostly not covered by warranties unless nan statement specifically states that they are. Preexisting conditions — meaning problems pinch nan conveyance that predate nan acquisition of an extended car warranty — are not covered, and owners must mostly hold 30 days and/or thrust nan conveyance for 1,000 miles aft nan statement is signed earlier a warranty supplier will see a claim.

Car repairs needed successful nan aftermath of an mishap are not covered either — that's what auto insurance is for.

If you person questions astir exclusions, you should interaction your shaper aliases nan work supplier administering your warranty. And, to debar being connected nan hook for a astonishment mechanic bill, you should talk these issues earlier agreeing to immoderate activity being done connected your car.

How overmuch is simply a car warranty?

When you acquisition a caller car from nan dealership, nan manufacturer’s warranty is included, truthful there’s nary further charge. However, nan costs for an extended car warranty tin scope anyplace from $1,000 to $4,000 aliases much depending connected nan type of warranty you spell pinch and what benignant of car you are covering: new, pre-owned, certified, etc.

How agelong does a car warranty last?

This will dangle connected nan type of warranty you person and what it covers. Standard shaper warranties tin past anyplace from 3 years/36,000 miles up to 10 years/10,000 miles. You tin salary other money, of course, to widen your warranty beyond these timeframes and mileage limits.

What voids a car warranty?

You tin void your car warranty by adding definite modifications aliases by utilizing your car successful a measurement that nan shaper did not intend, propose aliases authorize, including but not constricted to:

  • Racing aliases different reckless uses
  • Some commercialized activities
  • Unauthorized repairs by yourself aliases a repair shop
  • Skipping retired connected regular maintenance

Natural disasters for illustration floods aliases earthquakes tin besides void nan warranty.

Car warranty vs. car insurance?

Car insurance covers damages to your car for covered incidents that could see collisions, earthy disasters aliases different perils for illustration a location occurrence — which a car warranty will not cover. A car warranty covers mechanical breakdowns and nonaccomplishment of parts and systems successful your car resulting from shaper defects.

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Summing it each up

An extended car warranty is fundamentally security that covers immoderate defects and repairs that aren't covered by car security aliases nan shaper warranty.

Although car warranties tin beryllium helpful, make judge you’re clear astir your options earlier purchasing anything. Understand what sum you already person successful spot and what it intends to get further protection for your car’s work needs. Between security sum and warranty protection, you’ll beryllium successful a awesome position to protect some your conveyance and your pocketbook while keeping nan costs of ownership arsenic debased arsenic possible.

Car Warranty FAQ

What is simply a Car Warranty?



A car warranty guarantees nan integrity of nan conveyance and nan manufacturer's work for nan repair aliases replacement of defective parts.

What does a Car Warranty Cover?



Car warranties tin screen each parts and systems successful a car aliases circumstantial parts and systems. Powertrain, national emissions, rust and corrosion are examples of car warranties that are modular pinch a caller conveyance purchase. Car warranties do not screen harm from accidents aliases different things that whitethorn void nan warranty. 

Are Car Warranties Worth it?



Yes. The manufacturer's warranty decidedly is worthy it because it comes pinch nan car astatine nary further charge. An extended warranty is worthy it if it provides capable sum to prevention money connected repairs. In different words, if it has excessively galore exclusions, it will not beryllium worthy it because it whitethorn not prevention you very overmuch money connected repairs. 

When Does a Car Warranty Start?



Your car warranty becomes progressive connected nan day of acquisition for nan vehicle.  If you get an extended warranty from a 3rd statement provider, it's activated erstwhile you acquisition nan warranty.

How do You Check if Your Car Has a Warranty?



If you cognize your vehicle's VIN, you tin telephone immoderate car dealership that services your car make. You tin link pinch nan work section who will find accusation astir your warranty aliases immoderate associated recalls applicable to your vehicle.

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