What Is a Balance Transfer and How Does It Work?

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According to nan Government Accountability Office (GAO), 82% of American adults person astatine slightest 1 in installments paper and, successful 2023, their indebtedness truthful acold has surpassed $1 trillion.

A equilibrium transportation is simply a celebrated measurement to negociate this benignant of indebtedness and trim what consumers salary successful interest. But what is simply a equilibrium transportation and really does it work? Is it nan champion action to free yourself from debt?

Read connected to study much astir equilibrium transfers and to find if it’s nan correct move for you.

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What is simply a equilibrium transfer?

A equilibrium transportation is moving existing in installments paper indebtedness from 1 paper to another. This is typically done to return advantage of a little liking complaint arsenic galore equilibrium transfer-specialized cards connection an introductory play pinch nary liking charges connected transfers (and often connected purchases too).

It’s important to note, however, that in installments cards pinch this benignant of equilibrium transportation connection are meant for group pinch bully to fantabulous credit. If your existent in installments is adjacent aliases poor, it mightiness beryllium amended to look for debt consolidation loans pinch easier in installments requirements aliases a indebtedness alleviation institution that tin thief you passim nan process.

How do equilibrium transfers work?

Essentially, erstwhile you petition a equilibrium transportation (and it’s approved), nan caller issuer pays disconnected nan indebtedness to your erstwhile issuer. You’ll past beryllium nan caller lender nan equilibrium you transferred, which is now taxable to nan caller card’s position and conditions, including nan owed day and yearly percent complaint (known arsenic regular aliases adaptable APR). A equilibrium transportation interest will besides beryllium added to your transferred balance, usually betwixt 3% to 5% (or a minimum of $5 to $10, depending connected nan amount) of nan total.

It’s important to statement that you can’t transportation a equilibrium betwixt cards by nan aforesaid in installments paper issuer. For example, you wouldn’t beryllium capable to transportation a equilibrium from a Chase Freedom Unlimited® Credit Card to a caller Chase Freedom Flex® Credit Card.

What is simply a equilibrium transportation in installments card?

A equilibrium transportation in installments paper is simply a regular in installments paper pinch immoderate circumstantial features and benefits related to equilibrium transfers. The astir communal — and arguably astir charismatic — characteristic is simply a 0% introductory APR connected equilibrium transfers during a fixed clip period. Some cards mightiness connection a little equilibrium transportation interest — aliases waive it wholly — arsenic good arsenic a debased regular APR speech from (or successful spot of) nan intro APR.

If you’re successful nan process of selecting a in installments paper for your equilibrium transfer, make judge to publication our article connected nan best equilibrium transportation in installments cards which features immoderate of nan apical 0% APR offers connected equilibrium transfers, caller purchases and more.

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How to do a equilibrium transfer

Balance transfers are comparatively elemental to group up, particularly connected in installments paper companies’ websites and mobile apps. Here are nan steps to follow:

Choose a equilibrium transportation card

You don’t needfully request a marque caller in installments paper to transportation retired a equilibrium transfer, arsenic galore in installments cards connection this service. However, if you’re looking to salary disconnected debt, a caller paper pinch an existent equilibrium transportation connection could beryllium a overmuch amended option.

Your champion prime will dangle connected nan magnitude of indebtedness you’re carrying and your repayment plan, your in installments people and in installments history. Credit cards that attraction connected equilibrium transfers person interest-free promotional periods of up to 21 months, but don’t connection galore benefits beyond that.

Others mightiness person shorter introductory periods (12 to 15 months), but see further perks for illustration security sum and rate backmost rewards.

Determine nan transportation amount

For nan astir part, you tin transportation immoderate magnitude you want from 1 paper to another, though factors specified arsenic nan caller card’s in installments limit and nan equilibrium transportation interest magnitude could limit nan full you’re capable to transfer.

For instance, if your caller paper has a $2,000 limit and a 5% equilibrium transportation fee, you’ll beryllium capable to transportation only $1,900 since you’ll person a $100 interest added to nan balance.

If nan equilibrium you want to transportation goes beyond nan limit you were approved for, you’ll request to look astatine different alternatives, specified arsenic indebtedness consolidation loans aliases indebtedness alleviation companies. Or travel up pinch a caller repayment scheme to get free of nan interest-accruing balances near connected your aged paper arsenic soon arsenic possible, since it could beryllium much difficult to find different options aft opening a caller account.

Initiate transfer

To initiate a equilibrium transfer, each you request to do is log into your caller card’s — aliases nan recipient paper — issuer level and look for nan “balance transfer” option. (It could besides beryllium named “transfer a balance” aliases “make a transfer”).

You tin besides petition a equilibrium transportation to your caller card’s issuer by phone, by mailing a shape aliases successful personification by going straight to a brick-and-mortar slope branch.

In each of these cases, you’ll request to supply nan aged card’s relationship number, expiration day and nan CCV number successful nan back, arsenic good arsenic nan magnitude you wish to transfer. After that, it’s each up to nan issuer to return attraction of; you’ll get informed erstwhile nan transportation is approved and past completed.

Pay disconnected nan debt

Once your transportation has been processed and you tin spot nan caller equilibrium connected nan receiving card, it’s clip to transportation retired your repayment plan. You’ll person to make monthly payments, for illustration pinch immoderate different card, astatine nan extremity of each billing cycle. There is an established minimum costs but, if you tin spend it, it’s a bully thought to salary much than that successful bid to salary down astir of nan indebtedness during nan 0% liking period.

Be alert that erstwhile nan 0% APR play is over, nan equilibrium will commencement accruing interest, which is why it’s important to salary astir aliases each of your equilibrium earlier it ends. It’s besides imaginable that aft nan intro connection ends your caller equilibrium transportation card’s regular APR could beryllium moreover higher than your erstwhile card’s.

If you’re struggling to travel up pinch a scheme to salary disconnected your balance, you tin return a look astatine our article How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt for a clearer image connected really to start.

How agelong does a equilibrium transportation take?

A equilibrium transportation usually takes betwixt 7 to 14 business days to beryllium completed, but it could beryllium some little aliases much than that.

Keep successful mind that during nan process, you mightiness spot nan equilibrium connected some in installments cards simultaneously, and this copy magnitude tin moreover show up connected your in installments report. However, this is only impermanent and won’t really impact your in installments people later on.

How does a equilibrium transportation impact your in installments score?

A equilibrium transportation mostly does not person a antagonistic effect connected your in installments aliases FICO score. However, if you use for a caller in installments card, location will beryllium a difficult enquiry reflected connected your in installments report, which tin somewhat alteration your score.

On nan different hand, location are affirmative effects that tin outweigh these drawbacks. A caller in installments paper increases your disposable credit, which will very apt amended your in installments utilization ratio which, successful nan end, results successful a amended in installments score.

As to nan aged in installments card, it’s wise to support nan relationship unfastened since it increases your magnitude of disposable in installments and maintains your in installments property — some of which are important factors that effect your score. Closing it could origin a crisp alteration successful your in installments score. However, it’s champion believe to not usage it astatine each aliases usage it sparingly to debar incurring successful much indebtedness while you salary disconnected nan existing balance.

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What Is a Balance Transfer FAQs

What is simply a equilibrium transportation fee?



A equilibrium transportation interest is simply a percent of nan magnitude transferred, typically 3% to 5% aliases a minimum of $5 to $10, whichever is higher. Most in installments cards complaint this fee, though immoderate mightiness little nan interest from 5% to 3%, aliases not complaint it astatine all, during a specified play of clip — usually for transfers made wrong nan first 3 months of relationship opening.

Are location alternatives to a equilibrium transfer?



Other than equilibrium transfers, alternatives to paying disconnected in installments paper indebtedness see individual loans, debt consolidation loans aliases indebtedness alleviation companies. The action that is champion for you will dangle connected respective factors: nan magnitude of debt, your expertise to get a in installments paper aliases loan, your repayment scheme and, of course, individual preference. While utilizing thing for illustration a indebtedness alleviation institution mightiness beryllium much time-consuming, it could besides supply benefits specified arsenic in installments counseling aliases nan expertise to salary disconnected an magnitude of indebtedness larger than what a equilibrium transportation could handle.

Summary of What Is a Balance Transfer and How Does It Work

Balance transfers let you to move partial aliases full balances from 1 paper to different that has a little aliases 0% APR. Balance transportation cards often supply a 0% APR introductory play from anyplace betwixt 12 to 21 months, and are 1 of nan champion options for reducing nan magnitude of liking you salary connected your debt. Transfers are easy done done an issuer’s website aliases mobile app and take, connected average, 7 to 14 days to process. Most cards do complaint a equilibrium transportation fee, but nan liking savings during nan intro play usually outweigh it.

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