Shekel rallies strongly as truce deal progresses

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The shekel is strengthening against nan dollar and against nan euro today. In day inter-bank trading, nan shekel-dollar complaint is 1% little astatine NIS 3.650/$, and nan shekel-euro complaint is 0.85% little astatine NIS 3.958/€.

Yesterday, nan Bank of Israel group nan typical shekel-dollar complaint down 0.54% from Friday, astatine NIS 3.687/$, and nan typical shekel-euro complaint was group 0.731% little astatine NIS 3.992/€.

Mizrahi Tefahot Bank main markets economist Ronen Menachem said this morning, “The behaviour of nan shekel speech complaint successful caller times reflects nan beardown and contiguous relationship betwixt it and nan developments and reports surrounding nan continuation of nan warfare successful wide and talks regarding nan hostage woody successful particular. To this tin beryllium added, recently, nan continued emergence of nan banal markets successful nan US, which is simply a accepted facet down nan strengthening of nan shekel.

“Tomorrow evening nan US Federal Reserve will people nan first liking complaint determination of 2024 and moreover though by each accounts it will time off it unchanged, it is imaginable that it will see successful its explanatory notes hints astir what comes next. Against nan inheritance of estimates that nan liking complaint location will fall, possibly successful March, anticipation astir nan announcement is precocious and nan volatility of nan dollar successful nan world (and successful peculiar against nan euro) tin surely effect nan section overseas speech marketplace arsenic well.

“On nan different hand, immoderate antagonistic development, specified arsenic nan denial of immoderate advancement by 1 of nan parties, aliases nan imposition of harsh conditions that, according to experts, will not beryllium accepted by nan different party, whitethorn consequence successful a depreciation of nan shekel, and nan longer nan deficiency of talks would continue, nan sharper nan devaluation would be.

“To this should beryllium added nan difficulties reported successful support by nan Knesset for nan 2024 authorities fund including nan planned 6.6% fund deficit, nan interest that it will beryllium moreover higher than nan spread recommended by bodies for illustration nan Bank of Israel and nan ratings agencies and nan fund building that will beryllium approved by nan Knesset.

All of this is taking spot erstwhile economically it tin beryllium said that nan shekel is still overpriced successful narration to its economical value, that is, nan rate is excessively beardown fixed nan further factors that are expected to impact it. Therefore, looking ahead, nan beardown volatility and predominant changes successful guidance are expected to continue. However, successful nan absence of a existent alteration successful nan assessments of nan warfare and nan proximity connected a hostage deal, location is nary denotation of a break successful nan shekel speech complaint successful immoderate direction. Of course, this estimate must beryllium treated pinch caution, since nan shekel has managed to weaken to NIS 4.05/$ and connected nan different manus fortify to NIS 3.6/$, since nan warfare began.


Shekel spot confounds main economist

“In addition, if and to nan grade that a sharp, accelerated and continuous depreciation of nan shekel does develop, which would beryllium much affected by marketplace sentiment than by economical factors, nan Bank of Israel remains successful nan background, and whitethorn deploy, from clip to time, nan scheme to waste dollars from its reserves. These are very precocious reserves of astir $200 billion, which pinch nationalist indebtedness to GDP ratio, astatine nan starting constituent (about 60%), represent a supporting facet for nan shekel successful immoderate world situation.”

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