Red Bull Racing boss facing probe over alleged ‘inappropriate behavior’

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Christian Horner, nan Red Bull Racing main and 1 of nan stars of Netflix deed documentary bid ‘Drive to Survive’, is facing an soul investigation by nan F1 team’s genitor institution aft nan group received allegations astir his behaviour toward a female colleague. 

Red Bull has launched a probe aft nan Dutch newspaper de Telegraaf reported Horner had been accused of “inappropriate behavior,” citing group acquainted pinch nan matter.

Horner rejects nan accusations, which person not been described successful detail.  

“I wholly contradict these claims,” Horner told outlets including The Guardian and nan BBC.

Red Bull confirmed to aggregate outlets that it had launched an soul investigation into nan allegations against Horner. 

“After being made alert of definite caller allegations, nan ­company launched an ­independent investigation,” a Red Bull spokesperson told Fortune. “This ­process, which is already nether way, is being carried retired by an outer master barrister.

“The institution takes these ­matters highly earnestly and nan ­investigation will beryllium completed arsenic soon arsenic practically possible. It would not beryllium due to remark further astatine this time.”

Times of London chief sports writer Owen Slot says he was told by an “F1 insider” that it would beryllium “a sizeable astonishment if Horner survives this.”

Horner’s roadworthy to success

Horner has been successful complaint of Red Bull Racing since its inception successful 2005 aft nan drinks institution bought retired Jaguar, wherever Horner was antecedently boss.

He is nan longest-serving squad main retired of nan 10 existent F1 constructors.

Under Horner’s guidance, nan F1 squad has gone connected a singular tally of occurrence since a arguable triumph successful 2021 helped prima racer Max Verstappen snatch nan title from Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton.

The squad won 21 of 22 imaginable races past year, taking nan Constructer’s Championship while Verstappen won nan Driver’s Championship. Verstappen took a grounds 10 consecutive title wins past season.

As finance has flowed into F1 successful caller years, Red Bull Racing has climbed to a valuation of $2.6 billion, according to Forbes.

Horner became much wide known pursuing nan merchandise of nan Netflix bid Drive to Survive, which showed his quarrels pinch rival squad principals including Mercedes’ Toto Wolff. 

It besides documented his matrimony to Geri Halliwell, a erstwhile Spice Girl whom he joined successful 2015.

The caller F1 play will footwear disconnected astatine nan commencement of March, wherever Red Bull and Verstappen are again expected to lead nan field. 

It was reported successful October past twelvemonth that Horner had been successful an alleged dispute pinch Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko, which prompted Verstappen to guarantee nan media neither of nan brace were leaving.

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