Juventus F.C. partners with Polish crypto exchange Zondacrypto

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Juventus, 1 of nan starring shot clubs successful Italy, has announced a business pinch Zondacrypto, a cryptocurrency speech originating from Poland. 

The move by nan 36-time Italian champions is portion of a broader inclination of integrating cryptocurrency into football, reflecting nan sport’s evolving narration pinch nan crypto industry.

The nine had antecedently expanded its engagement pinch Socios.com successful September 2023, a narration that began successful 2018 and aimed astatine enhancing instrumentality relationship done nan innovative usage of Fan Tokens. Earlier successful 2021, Inter Milan, different starring shot nine successful Italy, ended their 26-year business pinch Pirelli alternatively to characteristic Socios arsenic its 2021-22 garment sponsor.

The collaboration will spot Zondacrypto’s emblem adorned connected nan Juventus players’ jersey sleeves, signaling a blend of contented pinch cutting-edge exertion successful sports sponsorships. Zondacrypto, established successful 2014, has grown to beryllium a starring regulated integer rate speech successful Europe, pinch complete 1.2 cardinal progressive users crossed Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia, Estonia, and Canada.

This business pinch Zondacrypto builds upon Juventus’s ongoing efforts to connection its fanbase much engaging and rewarding experiences, leveraging nan unsocial opportunities presented by blockchain technology.

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