Is Pet Insurance Worth it in 2024?

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Everyone wants to safeguard nan wellness of their pets. But does pet wellness security really salary off? Not for each pet — you tin bargain nan best pet security policy and not spot important returns unless your pet suffers a superior wounded aliases illness.

However, pet security whitethorn make consciousness for owners pinch large hearts and heavy pockets. More pet owners are buying policies for their dogs and cats each year. According to nan North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA), astir 5 cardinal pets person pet security — a 28% summation from nan erstwhile year.

Keep reference to find retired if pet security makes consciousness for you and your beloved companion.

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Should you get pet insurance?

The determination to get pet security depends connected nan benignant of pet proprietor you are and really overmuch consequence you're comfortable with.

Pet security is improbable to salary disconnected for astir people. You’ll salary a batch successful premiums, deductibles and copays, and if your pet ne'er gets earnestly sick, you won’t prevention overmuch money. But if your pet does get sick aliases injured, you person nan bid of mind of knowing that security will screen astir of nan cost. In immoderate states, emergency attraction tin costs thousands of dollars conscionable for diagnostics, and pet security whitethorn reimburse you up to 90% of nan bill.

Insurance is besides much apt to salary disconnected if nan pet is prone to hereditary conditions, arsenic galore purebreds are. In specified cases, nan pet is much apt to request acute attraction during its lifetime, and security would salary astir of nan cost.

Pros and cons of pet insurance


  • Covers test and curen for astir accidents and illnesses
  • Covers 70% to 100% of vet bill
  • Digital claims submission and processing
  • Quick reimbursement
  • No web restrictions; sojourn immoderate licensed vet nationwide


  • No sum for pre-existing conditions
  • No sum for preventive veterinary attraction (including checkups)
  • Premiums steadily summation arsenic nan pet ages
  • You astir apt won't prevention money unless your pet gets earnestly sick aliases injured
  • You must salary upfront and hold for reimbursement

How overmuch does pet security cost?

According to a pet security manufacture study from Naphia, nan mean costs of pet security plans is $53 a period for dogs and $32 for cats.

The monthly costs is conscionable 1 facet of nan wide costs of pet insurance. Pet owners must besides see nan deductible, copay and immoderate unpaid equilibrium if you meet your policy’s yearly cap.

To spot if pet security is worthy nan cost, we gathered value quotes from 4 pet insurers for purebred and mixed-breed dogs and cats complete 8 years of their lives. We past compared these prices against probable vets’ bills, arsenic reported by nan American Pet Products Association (APPA).

After crunching nan numbers, we confirmed that nan likelihood of ever collecting security connected a “normal pet” — 1 that enjoys an uneventful aesculapian life pinch occasional but not life-threatening issues — are debased but not impossible.

According to nan astir caller APPA pet spending survey, canine owners spent astir $500 for surgical vet visits successful 1 twelvemonth and astir $280 for regular care. If you selected a argumentation pinch a $500 deductible and your pet lived 8 years without immoderate awesome wellness problems, you apt wouldn't salary capable astatine nan vet to meet nan deductible and pet security sum wouldn't footwear in.

In this example, nan likelihood of ever collecting connected security are low, arsenic we exemplify successful nan array below.

Medical bills complete 8 years



Monthly premiums complete 8 years



Total pet attraction expenses



*Based connected nan pursuing security terms: 80% reimbursement rate, $500 deductible and an yearly sum limit of $5,000.

This constricted worth is hardly unsocial to pet insurance. After all, astir group salary a life of premiums connected their homeowners and car policies yet seldom make a claim. The sum is chiefly successful lawsuit your location is gutted by occurrence aliases your car is totaled successful an accident.

Similarly, pet security is much apt to salary disconnected erstwhile your furry friend gets earnestly ill.

Money writer Ingrid Case was gladsome to person pet security erstwhile she racked up $28,000 astatine nan vet for her St. Barnard’s crab treatment. In nan end, security paid retired $25,000, reducing nan out-of-pocket expenses to $7,500 ($3,000 copay positive nan premium payments she made up to that date).

While it’s statistically improbable that your pet will create specified a condition, nan bills could easy tally to four- aliases 5 figures if they do — and pet security would salary astir of that cost.

Here’s really security whitethorn play retired if your pet develops a superior wellness rumor for illustration nan 1 mentioned above. Let's usage nan aforesaid illustration of a pet pinch an eight-year lifespan, including costs specified arsenic security premiums, regular aesculapian attraction and crab treatment.

Medical bills complete 8 years (including crab treatment)



Monthly premiums complete 8 years



In nan years wherever you transcend nan deductible (due to nan costs of chemotherapy and radiation, for example), pet security will screen 80% of nan remaining vet bills. Although location will beryllium immoderate years wherever you don’t meet nan deductible and don’t use from insurance, you’ll still spot a mini financial gain.




Medical bills complete 8 years (uninsured)



Medical bills complete 8 years (after security payout)



*Based connected nan pursuing security terms: 80% reimbursement, $500 deductible and an yearly sum limit of $5,000.

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Factors that impact your pet security premiums

Pet security companies cipher monthly premiums based connected nan pursuing factors.

  • Pet breed: Certain breeds are prone to hereditary conditions that are costly to treat. For example, English Bulldogs are notoriously costly to insure.
  • Type of pet: Premiums for cats are much affordable than premiums for dogs.
  • Location: Rates alteration comparative to vet costs successful each state.
  • Age: Premium rates for older pets are importantly higher.

The type of sum you prime besides influences nan costs of nan policy. An accident-only scheme is nan astir budget-friendly security argumentation available, while mishap and unwellness policies pinch a wellness add-on costs nan most.

You tin besides play astir pinch nan deductible, reimbursement percent and yearly limit to get a premium that suits your budget.

How overmuch does a vet sojourn cost?

Stomach problems, traumatic wounded and crab are immoderate of nan costliest pet aesculapian emergencies. According to Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, chemotherapy aliases radiation curen tin easy costs up to $7,000, and that's without including bills for test and follow-up treatments. Those tin adhd thousands of dollars more.

Of course, illness isn’t nan only awesome expense. There are run-ins pinch cars and self-inflicted injuries — specified arsenic what Steve Weinrauch, Trupanion’s main veterinary serviceman and main merchandise officer, identifies arsenic nan Labradors’ inclination to eat “silly things” that require costly surgical removal.

Your pet’s consequence factors besides travel into play. Many dogs unrecorded long, patient lives without processing chronic conditions, while others create superior illnesses. Such is nan lawsuit pinch breeds prone to congenital issues, for illustration English Bulldogs, Great Danes, Boxers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Pugs and German shepherds.

Here’s what you tin expect to salary retired of pouch astatine nan vet for cats and dogs.

Average curen costs for dogs


$3,000 to $10,000 aliases more

Hip dysplasia

$7,000 to $14,000

Swallowed overseas object

$2,000 to $3,500

Cruciate ligament injury

$750 to $5,000


Up to $4,800 per year

Intervertebral disc illness (IVDD)

$1,500 to $4,000

Source: CareCredit and MetLife

Average curen costs for cats


$30 to $300 a period conscionable for insulin

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)

$150 to $2,000 for each imaginable complication

Feline Leukemia Virus

$150 to $600 yearly

Wound treatment

$800 to $2,500

Emergency surgery

$1,500 to $5,000

Upper respiratory infections

$200 to $300

Source: CareCredit, ASPCA, MetLife

What does pet security cover?

Pet security covers most, if not all, aesculapian expenses related to injuries aliases illnesses. This includes injuries specified arsenic surgery bones, poisoning and wound wounds, and illnesses specified arsenic cancer, diabetes, allergies and hep dysplasia.

As agelong arsenic you insured your pet earlier nan diagnosis, nan waiting play has elapsed and you’ve met nan deductible, you tin record a declare for immoderate of nan following:

  • Diagnostic tests
  • Surgery
  • Medication
  • Take-home prescriptions
  • Hospitalization
  • Pet behavioral therapy
  • Alternative therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Cancer treatment
  • Ambulance transportation
  • Poison power consultations
  • Tooth extractions and repairs
  • Periodontal illness treatment

However, you’ll person to salary for nan curen upfront. Where quality wellness security usually reimburses nan aesculapian supplier directly, pet security requires you to salary nan full measure out-of-pocket and past hold for reimbursement.

What pet security won’t cover

What whitethorn astonishment galore is that pet security won't cover overmuch of what we already walk connected our pets for preventive attraction services.

  • Vaccinations
  • Microchipping
  • Grooming
  • Spay and neuter surgeries
  • Food and dietary expenses
  • Parasite prevention
  • Preventive pet dental care

Pet security doesn't screen pre-existing conditions either. Any illnesses aliases injuries that tin beryllium traced backmost to erstwhile nan pet was uninsured (or which arose during nan waiting period) aren't covered.

Most communal pet security claims

To reappraisal nan astir communal pet security claims, we looked astatine Healthy Paws’ astir caller Cost of Veterinary Care report, which ranks nan company’s apical security claims of nan year.

Embrace pet security besides reports akin claims, successful summation to issues affecting puppies and kittens. This includes lacerations, wound wounds, swallowed overseas objects and backmost limb fractures.

The expenses illustrated beneath tin thief owners find whether security is simply a safe bet, particularly if they ain a breed predisposed to immoderate of nan issues listed.



Average declare estimate

Stomach issues $1,600-$5,000
Skin conditions $200-$2,500
Ear infections $850
Eye conditions $1,100
Cruciate ligament injury $2,000-$5,000
Growths and tumors $300-$1,600
Seizures $200-$500
UTIs $450
Heart conditions $1,500-$2,500



Average declare estimate

Stomach issues


Abdominal conditions $1,500
Skin conditions $200-$2,500




Heart conditions $1,500
Eye conditions $700-$2,000


Kidney disease $1,300

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Is pet security worthy it FAQs

Is pet security worthy it for a dog?



Pet security whitethorn beryllium worthy it if your canine develops a chronic unwellness aliases gets unexpectedly injured and you deficiency nan costs to screen these expenses comfortably. You tin salary nan money upfront aliases complaint it to a in installments paper knowing that nan pet security institution will reimburse you successful a fewer weeks.

Certain canine breeds, for illustration English Bulldogs, Great Danes and German Shepherds, are prone to costly congenital and hereditary conditions. A pet security argumentation is much apt to salary disconnected semipermanent for these dogs.

Is pet security worthy it for an indoor cat?



Indoor cats unrecorded longer and are little apt to beryllium injured by cars, dogs and different cats. They’re besides astatine a little consequence of getting ticks, fleas and parasites from unvaccinated felines.

That being said, indoor cats tin still create different wellness issues, which pet security tin thief salary for. Plus, feline pet security is importantly much affordable than canine pet insurance.

We promote you to stitchery quotes and crunch nan numbers to spot if paying for pet security each period is worthy your money aliases if you'd alternatively group money speech successful a savings account.

Is pet security worthy it for a puppy?



Dogs are astatine their healthiest during puppyhood, truthful getting a pet security argumentation erstwhile they're young mightiness look counterintuitive, but it’s really nan champion clip to enroll your pet. The younger you enroll your dog, nan amended sum they’ll get since they’ll skip immoderate pre-existing conditions clauses and property limits connected coverage, specified arsenic hep dysplasia exclusions.

Summary of Money's Is Pet Insurance Worth It successful 2024?

  • Most pet parents will salary premiums complete their pet's life and get small to thing successful return (at slightest financially) if their feline aliases canine suffers a emblematic array of aesculapian issues.
  • But pet security buys thing difficult to quantify: bid of mind.
  • Pet security minimizes nan request to make agonizing choices astir costly pet attraction and allows you and nan vet to determine based solely connected what’s champion for nan animal. For galore pet parents, that unsocial is worthy nan value tag.
  • If you spot nan worth successful pet security and wish to acquisition a policy, cheque retired our champion pet security companies and petition an online quote.
  • Shop astir for policies and get quotes from budget-friendly pet insurance providers. According to our astir caller value study, immoderate insurers complaint double what others do, which could beryllium nan deciding facet connected whether aliases not to insure.
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